Drone Enabled Aerial Photography and Video Services

Authorized by the FAA to pilot small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) to conduct aerial photography, videography, and cinematography for inspections, real estate, filmmaking, agriculture, search and rescue, special events, mining, and closed-set filming.

Flights conducted by a licensed private pilot who possesses a current FAA Section 333 exemption authorizing commercial sUAS operations.

Rates as low as $70/hour for aerial photography and video, $40/hour for post-production support.

The Latest DJI Technology

Flying the Phantom and Inspire aircraft from DJI, with HD and 4k video capability.

Real Estate Marketing

Capturing aerial photos and videos to more fully represent real estate properties.

Visual Inspections & Insurance Documentation

Providing easy access to views and angles that are not ordinarily accessible.


Scan and inspect large areas in a matter of minutes, from a single location.

Overhead Photography

Photography and video from 400 ft AGL or below, with greater heights available with additional FAA approval.

Special Events

From different angles, presenting something different about special events.

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